LINKS Missionaries

Dee (Deloris) Sudnick - The Philippines (Birthday: 6/12)

Currently Dee is a teacher at Faith Academy, an international school for missionary children. She teaches middle school math.  Dee has a B.S. degree in biology with a secondary emphasis in education. She also has an additional certificate in elementary education. Prior to her missionary assignment, Dee served as a detention home tutor, COSI demonstrator, and taught full time for three years at small Christian schools. Dee's home church is Grove City Church of the Nazarene In Ohio. She is athletic and enjoys playing softball and volleyball. Her next home ssignment dates are June 5, 2016 - Jan 3, 2017.


Mary Lou Riggle - Retired; Belize, Guatemala, and Costa Rica (Birthday: 4/26)

MaryLou's mission call came at age 13.  She attended Taylor University, graduated from Olivet Nazarene University, got her MS at Indiana University, and received her MDiv and DMin from Nazarene Theological Seminary.
MaryLou served in Belize from 1965 - 1977; in Guatemala from 1977 “ 1987, and in Costa Rica from 1987 until retirement in 2004.  She has been involved in pastoral education through teaching and administration, has served as a campus pastor and pastor of a local church and served 6 years as a district superintendent.
Since retirement, she keeps busy with ministry in her local church “ teaching, visiting in hospital and homes, leading prayer ministry, and does some preaching.  Her prayer requests are for continued outreach in our communities, a deeper commitment for our people, and revival in our church and community.
MaryLou enjoys reading (Christian fiction, devotional and biographies) ,and gardening (flowers, a few vegetables, and berry gardening).   She enjoys watching basketball and soccer.  She works out at a local fitness center five days a week.  She likes all foods but tries to limit herself to low fat and low sugar.  Gift suggestions include all occasion greeting cards, stamps and herbal teas.  Her favorite colors are fall colors: yellow, browns, tan and dark orange.


Pat and Dale Stotler - Retired; South Africa and Lesotho (Birthdays: 7/29 and 6/6)

Dale is a graduate of Eastern Nazarene College and Nazarene Theological Seminary. Pat is a graduate of the Indiana Hospital School of Nursing and of Eastern Nazarene College. They began their missionary career in 1973 serving in South Africa and were transferred to Lesotho in 1992 where they continued to serve until retirement in 2006. The Stotlers have three adult children, Christy, Heidi and Jonathan.
They ask that you pray that men and women will be called into the ministry and will be able to be trained.  For the most part the Lesotho men/boys do not read or write.  There are 90 new house churches this year in Lesotho.
Dale enjoys woodcarving, fishing, wood working and reading. Pat enjoys acrylic painting, embroidery, quilting and cooking. Gift suggestions for them would be Taste of Home magazine or  books for Pat or gift cards from Sears or Wal-Mart.


Verne and Rachel, Timeon, Raimon, and Samouel Ward - Africa (Birthdays: 5/20, 9/9, 7/12/2010, 3/18/2012, and 12/9/2013; Anniversary: 8/18) - Skype: luverne.ward

LuVerne and Rachel Ward and their three boys live in Johannesburg, South Africa. LuVerne works at the Regional Office as communications Coordinator. Both LuVerne and Rachel are involved in teaching the Nazarene Missions Orientations (NMO), leading seminars, Coaching for  Nazarene Strengths Institute (NSI) and developing materials for Rendezvous, and equipping bi-annual event for current MK's on the Africa Region.
LuVerne loves photography, makings fires, exploring new places and being out in nature. Rachel loves to sing, play the piano and guitar, listening to music, working the garden and doing crafts with the 3 boys. Timeon loves to read, swim, ride his bicycle and do activity books. Raimon loves to make music, work with his hands and with tools and swim. Samouel loves to sleep, nurse and be cuddled.
Gift suggestions: board games, LEGO, Dr. Pepper, sweet and salty peanut bars, kids music CD's, crafts for toddlers, Swiss chocolate, money for a family gym pass, and clothes for Timeon (4T).
Our District Missionaries:
Leon and Audrey Buckwalter - Mexico
Leon and Audrey continue to serve the Church of the Nazarene in North Mexico.   Audrey is responsible for securing Work and Witness teams for the Jalisco District and for the field.  They need teams for construction of a new Field Center.  Land has been purchased on Lake Chapala and they are anxious to get started.  She is also trying to secure funds for small projects on their district “ ceiling fans, chairs, etc.  Leon is preaching around the district and they work with a couple of local churches.
The Buckwalters do NOT receive money through the General Treasurer, nor does money sent to them as gifts or for special projects count as 10% credit.  However, they are from our district and we encourage you to support them with cards, birthday and/or Christmas gifts or any other assistance you would like to give them.  Show them your love.  Support them with your prayers.  And let them know that you care and are interested in their mission work.  Correspondence and money should be sent to them at: 
2163 Lima Lp
PMB 071308
Laredo, TX 78045