District Prayer Letter

Dear Prayer Partners,

"Give thanks to the Lord, proclaim His greatness, and make known to the nations what He has done! Sing to Him, sing to Him, tell all the wonderful things He has done! Be glad that we belong to Him, let all who serve the Lord rejoice! Go to the Lord for help; stay in His presence always." (Psalm 105:1-4 Today's English Version)

Before sharing this month's prayer concerns, it is good to remind ourselves, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, how much we have to praise God for: His love, mercy, and grace! If we stay in His presence, He is always there to help us. He is faithful! God is good: all the time! Praise His name!

·         It seems like knee surgery has become an epidemic on the District. Barb Cook (Larry's wife) and Janice Laymon (Tom's wife) are both in the recovery process from recent knee replacements. Pastor Jim Stonelake (Northfield, NJ) is having knee replacement surgery October 30th. Pastor James Fennell (Norristown, PA, Faith & Hope) is scheduled for knee replacement surgery in late December or early January. Pray that these surgeries will all be successful and the healing process will go well.

·         Continue to pray for Pastor Lou Gatti (Williamsport, PA) who is dealing with ongoing health issues as well as concern for his son, David.

·         Pray for Rev. Doug Solomon. He is having severe back pain and may need to have surgery. He and his wife and son are on the island of Mauritius as Nazarene missionaries.

·         Eastern Nazarene College continues to need our prayers. There are very serious financial challenges ahead. Trevecca Nazarene University and ENC are exploring merger possibilities and Trevecca's president, Dr. Dan Boone, is now the present-elect for Eastern. Pray for the Trevecca Board of Trustees as they meet the first of November to discuss their continued involvement. Pray for our students, faculty and staff. Pray for our churches across the Northeast Region as we try to help meet the financial needs.

·         Continue to pray for Pastor Roney, who leads the Portuguese congregation at Philadelphia First Church. Pray that his wife and daughter will be able to get visas to return to the United States from Brazil.

·         Thanks for your continued prayers as Front Step continues to work with the attorneys to settle a property issue with the city of Philadelphia.

·         My wife, Anne, spent the month of October in Orlando to help with our daughter and grandson. Thanks for your continued prayers for them. Anne will be coming home the first of this month. Yay!

·         Allentown (PA) Faith Pointe is outgrowing their current rental space. Pray that the buyer, who is under contract to purchase their mortgage property, will close on it soon so they can begin to look for another location.

·         Pray for Bridgeton (NJ); Cape May (NJ) Seashore; Selinsgrove (PA); and Montoursville (PA) Twin Hills as they all search for new pastoral leadership.

·         "Momentum" was a great day of fellowship, worship, and learning on our District. Information was shared about the succession plan for the next District Superinterndent. Please pray for this important process leading up to an election at the District Assembly.

·         The District NYI Festival of Life takes place this month (November 17 & 18). Please pray for the youth of our District and our outstanding District leadership.

·         Pray for a great Thanksgiving Offering for the World Evangelism Fund. Thank you for the great response to the Crisis Care Kits. They are still needed.

·         Finally, there is a luncheon coming up this Thursday, November 2, at Weaver's Restaurant for retired pastors and spouses. Could we please remember our wonderful retired pastors in prayer? We are building on their sacrifices and prayers over these past years. Rev. B. W. Hambrick has put together this much deserved afternoon to honor our retired pastors. If you happen to be reading this prayer letter and are a retired pastor but somehow did not get the information, please contact Rev. Hambrick at 717-226-4555 on Monday. The luncheon is free and I believe we can still add you to the list.


Your District Pastor,